Thursday, February 9, 2012


CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! As they say, change is inevitable. Change has finally come to my blogging life. From today henceforth, this blog is closed down and everyone of my followers here is invited to sample content on my new blog

Friday, January 13, 2012

It Matters Today Whether You Are Black Or White

Michael Jackson was far ahead of his time when he sang Black or White because back then he said, “It does not matter whether you’re black or white…” Well, today I know more than anything else that even in my generation, it still does matter and it will continue to matter.
 As I sit to write this post in the dead of the night in a small village in the coastal strip of Kenya, some people, white people, are going HAM on a TT (Trending Topic) on micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Well did racism end in Martin Luther King’s era or shortly after he died? Your guess is as good as mine. Earlier on, I was reading on the CNN Political Ticker blog that a frontrunner in the US Presidential elections, Republican candidate Rick Santorum just got himself into some trouble after an utterance that tended to describe the black people in America as mainly the poor who rely on government feeding programmes, help and subsidies. Is that what black people are famed for? My last post (ignore the Seasons Greetings)  here was on the Acts of a Statesman. Well it seems that the more it is that people come out to help people, mainly of black decent like in that case of humanitarian suffering in Haiti, opinion is often skewed towards a “fact” that blacks are generally poor. This is one of the many myths that I hope we will leave behind by the time this millennium ends (Yes millennium, we are that far).

Football or soccer as they call it in North America is a game that I avidly played in my neighbourhood as a young boy and even in my primary school. The issue here is not to address how poor my dribbling skills were at that time or how I’ve become just a spectator but how the deadly disease called racism has dogged this sport for a while now. While football is the world’s “beautiful game”, there’s no questioning as to how far this sport can go into unifying the whole world. Actually, the world nearly comes to a standstill when the World Cup is on. Remember the Suarez incident that Joseph Blatter wanted to just wish away like that? Yes, that’s just but a small sad example. They’ve been many in the short time that I’ve followed international and foreign club football. These too need to end, if we are to get anywhere. If we can never stop judging each other by the colours of our skins in social events and recreation activities then we are doomed if we think we’ll do that in political rallies and pre-election gatherings.
This post may not point out all those dirty scenes whereby acts of racism have resulted in recurring violence worldwide but it is in my humble opinion my very limited expression of how I find it disgusting that however good one can be in whatever s/he does, someone somewhere will stick out his/her head and make a classification based on your skin pigmentation. Call it racial profiling, call it racism, call it by whatever name, it is just that, EVIL!
I rest my case.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


There isn't much I can write today. I just wish all the followers of this blog a Merry Christmas. Have a blast and take good care of yourselves. Remember I need each and everyone of you in the new year. Enjoy responsibly.